Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pretty Things For The Home...

All items via Target

To start I want to wish everyone a Fabulous New Year.  Hope everyone had a wonderful time with their loves ones.  I've been enjoying my free time with my kids & hubby and on a recent window shopping trip to Target, my heart nearly skipped a beat when I came across a section full of blue items & all things pretty for the home.  Hubby was nice enough to buy me one flocked teal pillow (2nd from the top), but what is a girl to do with just one pillow?  I also fell in love with the blue bench (see picture).  I was also eyeing the white mirror accent table.  I left the store happy as a child with my one pillow & hubby promised to get me my blue bench if a made room for it in the house!  Well let me just say that I got the task done & as promised, I got my blue bench & another flocked teal pillow!   Now if I could just convince him to get me the white mirror accent table!